When Leadership Fails – A View From The Lens Of Four Employees

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Laurie L. Barnes
Janice M. Spangenburg


Organizational Conflict; Leadership Styles; Leadership Behavior; Abusive Leadership; Abusive Supervision


Leadership is a concept that has been used for decades and despite what we know about it there are many things left to the unknown. We must keep moving forward to search for answers as we seek to explain the many failures that exist today. For centuries, reports of lackluster and even abusive leadership in organizations have continued to be a negative force in organizations, adversely impacting culture and overall performance. Amid the challenges facing leaders as well as the necessity for rapid and continuous change in the organization, we see the development of many problems and consequent ails that need to be addressed.  We are often left with supervisors that abuse without regard for the breakdown of loyalty, job satisfaction and the development of a solid and rich culture that can support thriving and positive organizational outcomes. This has been captured in the voices and experiences of individuals interviewed for this qualitative case study analysis, demonstrating the continued impact of leadership in modern day organizations and well as addressing the perplexing question of how to distinguish who would or would not be a best fit for leadership positions in today’s organizations.  Despite years of research, theory and analysis, perhaps the greatest insight is gained through the lens of the employee.


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