Exploring Innovative Pedagogy To Deliver Financial Education: A Peer-To-Peer Event With Students

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Oscar J. Solis


Financial Education; Peer-To Peer; College Students; Collaborative Learning


An innovative 2015 Financial Education Event utilized collaborative learning, peer-to-peer learning strategies, and multimedia to engage students and deliver financial content.  Thirty-three students in a financial counseling class hosted the event for students from a personal finance course as well as the university community.  For the event, the financial counseling class conducted research and created six financial infographics that were presented in an open-floor setting on six 70-inch monitors.  The six financial topics included budgeting basics, conquering credit, how to be a smart shopper, how to manage student loan debt, kick-starting your first job, and life after college.  The financial education event was an opportunity for students to interact and engage in financial dialogue in a fun, enthusiastic, and interactive environment. During this peer-to-peer educational event, students were able to explore, engage, and learn beyond the traditional classroom setting. 


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