Relationship Between Personality And Behavioral Intention In Student Teams

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William R. Forrester
Armen Tashchian
Ted H. Shore


Personality, Firo-B, Student Teams


This study investigated the applicability of the Big Five and FIRO-B frameworks as predictors of group process outcomes in the context of student teams.  The personality dimensions of Agreeableness, Extraversion, Conscientiousness, and Neuroticism were correlated with the interpersonal behavior dimensions of Inclusion, Affection, and Control.  The degree of association between personality and interpersonal factors differed by personality dimension.  No relationship was found for the Openness dimension.  Results of the study support the applicability of both frameworks in the context of student teams.  Results suggest that unlike the clinical and workplace participants in prior studies, business student subject are sufficiently homogeneous to support the distinction between the FIRO-B constructs of Inclusion and Affection. 


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