Published: 2013-02-20


Redesigning MGMT 4010S: Creating A Cause Of Social Responsibility And Social Justice

Cary A. Caro, Kolby Lirette, Myke Yest
Abstract 324 | PDF Downloads 101 | DOI

Page 155-160

Leadership Training In An MBA Program Using Peer-led Team Learning

Gregory Dobson, Robin Frye, Ravi Mantena
Abstract 338 | PDF Downloads 178 | DOI

Page 177-190

Experience Of Control And Student Satisfaction With Higher Education Services

Jungki Lee, Sekhar Anantharaman
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 96 | DOI

Page 191-200

An Exploratory Study Of Student Satisfaction With University Web Page Design

David E. Gundersen, Joe K. Ballenger, Robert M. Crocker, Elton L. Scifres, Robert Strader
Abstract 329 | PDF Downloads 79 | DOI

Page 201-214

Teaching And Learning For Artists And Their Works Of Art Within The Market Model: A Discussion Of Value

Daniel Atanasovski, Melinda Bender, Miles Fulwider, Michael Stemkoski, Tricia Walker
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 102 | DOI

Page 215-222

Teams That Work: Preparing Student Teams For The Workplace

Diane D. Galbraith, Fred L. Webb
Abstract 721 | PDF Downloads 435 | DOI

Page 223-234

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Its Importance In Academics

Thomas A. Kernodle, Deborah Noble
Abstract 733 | PDF Downloads 333 | DOI

Page 235-240

Elijah Watt Sells Award: A Study Of Previous Winners

Susan Husted, Joann Pinto, Silvia Romero
Abstract 360 | PDF Downloads 94 | DOI

Page 241-246

A Lesson Plan For Sustainability In Higher Education

Elizabeth Driscoll, Clare L. Comm, Dennis F. X. Mathaisel
Abstract 427 | PDF Downloads 470 | DOI

Page 255-266