A Comparison Of The KI67 Proliferation Index And CD117 & Cox-2 Expressions In Renal Carcinomas

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Cigdem Dicle Arican
Ilhan Varank Sancaktepe
Bulent Mizrak


CD117, COX2, KI67, Renal Carcinomas


The present study has three main aims; a) to investigate the relationship between the tumor grade (TG), type (TT) and size (TS) on the renal carcinoma cancer (RCC) types, and demographic features of the patients such as gender and age, b) to find out the correlation between KI67 proliferation index and COX-2 and CD117 on the RCC, and c) to find out whether the immunohistochemical (IHC) reagents can determine the prognosis of some renal tumor diseases.
In this research, 50 cases with RCC in Dicle University Hospital (30 clear cell type, 8 multi-lobular type, 5 sarcomatoid type, 4 papillary type, 3 chromophobe type), and 1 with radical nephrectomy were investigated retrospectively.
The TG was carried out using Fuhrman grading system (FGS) and IHC examination was carried out on KI67, COX2, and CD117.
The results of the present study did not indicate that gender had any effects on tumor parameters, but CD117 and age had an effect on CD117 and COX2. The results indicated strong correlations between tumor parameters such as TT and TG and CD117, KI67, TG and TT and CD117, and COX2 and KI67.


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