Published: 2015-06-01


Health At Risk: Exploring Geographical Differences In Health Risk Factors Among Canada’s Aboriginal Population

Kathryn Kimery, Samad Amirkhalkhali, Yasmine Amirkhalkhali
Abstract 576 | PDF Downloads 230 | DOI

Page 11-16

The Status Of Rural Women’s Health And Cassava Output In Nigeria

Cynthia W. Angba, Augustine O. Angba
Abstract 569 | PDF Downloads 287 | DOI

Page 37-44

Stress Recognition In Law Enforcement Organizations

Darrien R. Bush, Phillip Neely
Abstract 843 | PDF Downloads 609 | DOI

Page 53-58

Effect Of Gender And Lifestyle Behaviors On BMI Trends In A Sample Of The First State’s Undergraduate Population

Malcolm J. D’Souza, Karri-Jo E. Walls, Christine Rojas, Lynn M. Everett, Derald E. Wentzien
Abstract 891 | PDF Downloads 383 | DOI

Page 59-74

An Exploratory Evaluation of a Treatment Mall at a State Psychiatric Hospital

Aja N. Matthews, Blake Beecher, Pamina J. Hofer, Robert A. Short
Abstract 1081 | PDF Downloads 437 | DOI

Page 83-90