A Marketing Course And The Liberal Arts: Students’ Perspective Of Interdisciplinary Relevance

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Marilyn Martin Melchiorre


Marketing, Education, Interdisciplinary, Liberal Arts


This study examines students’ reflections on how concepts covered in a marketing course are applied to the broader liberal arts curriculum. The objective was to demonstrate when given a chance with an Interdisciplinary Reflection Assignment, students can articulate interdisciplinary relevance. The study collected sample data from six classes over three years. The assignment embodies the areas of metacognition, reflection, and integration of interdisciplinary knowledge.
A content analysis approach was utilized to review both quantitative and qualitative data. Students’ comments are categorized as follows: 32 in “Humanities & Fine Arts”; 31 in “Natural Sciences & Mathematics”; 93 in “Social Sciences & History”; 6 in “Professional Studies” (College, 2019). The assignment results strongly suggest that, when asked, students can articulate the integration of a business marketing course with other liberal arts subject areas. Thus, demonstrating business has a legitimate place in the liberal arts curriculum. This study contributes to education literature by providing a specific pedagogical example that can be easily replicated by other educators at other higher education institutions. The assignment offers added value to enhance student learning and appreciation of how marketing concepts integrate with other academic disciplines.


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