Desktop Virtualization: Applications And Considerations

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Matthew R. Hodgman


Desktop Virtualization, Educational Technology, School Systems, Reframing Organizations


As educational technology continues to rapidly become a vital part of a school districts infrastructure, desktop virtualization promises to provide cost-effective and education-enhancing solutions to school-based computer technology problems in school systems locally and abroad. This article outlines the history of and basic concepts behind desktop virtualization and discusses obstacles to implementation and benefits that result from its use in educational settings. A large school district in Maryland was used as an entry point to illustrate the potential gains of utilizing desktop virtualization technology. Through use of Bolman and Deals (2008) approach to reframing organizations for change, this article aims to explain what implementation of virtualization technology would require in an applied setting and clarify how all parties in the school-based educational arena will benefit from this technology over time. It was concluded that those entrusted with executive decision-making power in Americas school systems would be wise to consider employing virtualization technology in their classrooms.


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