Enhancing Classroom Communication With Interactive Technology: How Faculty Can Get Started

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Jacqueline K. Eastman



This paper proposes that Interactive Technology can help professors enhance communication in the classroom so there is increased attention, interest, preparation, and retention of class materials by the students. Interactive Technology (also called audience response systems) involves students using individual response pads (clickers) to respond to questions asked in class by the professor. The students responses are captured by a receiver and with the software available, professors can get instant feedback from their students to determine how well they understand the material presented. To get started using this technology, professors can either buy a system outright or utilize one in conjunction with their textbook. After attending a few training classes and working with their Information Technology people to install it in their classroom, a professor can start working with the system to enhance their interaction with students in class. This paper describes Interactive Technology in more detail and how to get started using it.


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