Customer Relationship Management (CRM) As An Innovative Element Of Direct Marketing And Its Impact On Market Performance. A Strategy To Personalize Market Massification Creating A Change In The Culture Of Management With The Client: A Focus To Increase C

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Alejandra Costa Aizcorbe



Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is the central focus of this investigation. Speaking of CRM is not speaking about technology, just as speaking of hospitality is not laying a” Welcome” mat at an entrance. This investigation’s theme sustains its importance in the quest for company profitability through the development of customer loyalty and knowledge and by implementing CRM processes that may work as value engines and at the same time be specific actions aimed at achieving cultural changes in customer management. Therefore, the investigation in Mexico has a central focus on companies where knowledge of the client and direct contact with him is the very reason of the companies’ existence. Based on this, one searches for a concrete solution through an integrate model  which one may service a conglomerate of firms in the Mexican corporate sector through a satisfying and profitable commercial mix for the companies’ profile which is the objective of this work. With this investigation, it will be demonstrated that CRM processes can generate a change in the culture of client management and create a new focus within organizations to optimize the effort of direct commercialization, generating profitability based on customer loyalty and knowledge. With the development of this thesis a greater academic emphasis is placed in this area of marketing that seeks to demonstrate that the application of CRM processes within the field of direct analytic marketing in the Mexican market is a cornerstone in company profitability and the search for value.         


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