Public Perceptions On Water Reuse Options: The Case Of Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment Plant In Kuwait

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Jasem M. Alhumoud
David Madzikanda


perception, management, cost of water, wastewater treatment, Kuwait, Sulaibiya


The main sources of water in Kuwait are seawater desalination and groundwater. Reclaimed wastewater effluent could be an additional water source. Its use would reduce the volumes of recycled water being disposed of to the environment and it could reduce the demand for fresh water supplies. The results of a questionnaire survey of more than 1,500 random households residing in 64 districts in Metropolitan Kuwait are presented. The frequency distribution of the education level, knowledge of wastewater reuse, age, nationality and gender of the sample population are presented. In addition, we have presented the results of a survey of attitudes amongst residents of their willingness to use reclaimed water for a variety of purposes. The research analyzes the costs and benefits of using reclaimed water. The study concludes with useful recommendations for both the authorities and the citizens of Kuwait.


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