An Empirical Study Of Factors Influencing Gender Differences In Entrepreneurship

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Kogilah Narayanasamy
Devinaga Rasiah
C J Jacobs


Entrepreneur, Characteristic Differences, Family Background, Social Background, Education Level, Government Policy, Capability Differences


The paper examines the difference between male and female entrepreneurs and how those differences can be used towards the future development of entrepreneurship. The sample size consists of 21 entrepreneurs (10 male and 11 female). The interview method using questionnaires was used to obtain the information. There is sufficient evidence to indicate that characteristic differences were major factors found in the root of gender differences. Further, family background and social background were contributory factors in determining the differences of male and female entrepreneurs. Education level of both sexes also influenced the quality of entrepreneurs. Subsequently, Government policies also contributed towards gender differences in the entrepreneurship world. The different capabilities of male and female entrepreneur had significant impact on the entrepreneurship fraternity. Clearly, country and social roles too determine the success of entrepreneurial women.


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