Integrated Reporting Compliance With The Global Reporting Initiative Framework: An Analysis Of The South African Mining Industry

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Tertia Hindley
Pieter W Buys


Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Reporting, GRI Framework, Integrated Reporting, Sustainability, Triple-Bottom-Line


For all financial years ending on or after March 1st 2010, all companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Ltd (JSE) have to provide an Integrated Report (as part of the JSEs listing requirements). This report is to supply sustainability information in addition to the conventional IFRS-based statements. Yet, no statutory requirement for adherence to reporting standards relating to sustainability exists. This creates the risk that sustainability reports will omit negative impacts or be otherwise misleading, yet the company is still seen as adhering to listing and thus statutory requirements. This article considers the quality of integrated reporting of the South African mining industry by evaluating compliance to the globally accepted Sustainability Framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, which includes Sector specific performance indicators, as well as GRI core indicators. Using a sample of the mining companies included in the JSE Top 40 companies, the results show that these companies used the GRI G3.1 version guidelines in producing their integrated reports and that adherence to the GRI guideline has improved over the two years under consideration.


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