Organization, People And Skills As An Enabler For Strategy Execution In Municipalities In South Africa

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JH Leibbrandt
CJ Botha


Organization, People, Skills Strategy Execution, Municipalities


The formal organizational structure, including the control systems, is an important factor in strategy execution. The structure can be defined as the relationship between tasks, individuals, and formal and informal channels.

Getting things done in many organizations feels like walking in quicksand; there are too many meetings, too many reports, too much information and too many stakeholders. Business processes are not effective and decisions are delayed or unclear. Organizations are more and more complex and municipalities present the same trend and complexity currently. People and their skills are becoming an even higher strategic element in executing strategy in this complex environment.

Well-aligned business processes are crucial for the strategy execution process. Organizational restructuring will not automatically lead to improved performance and is not a quick solution. People with the right skills, capabilities and attitude toward execution are key and even when an organizational structure is not perfect, they will perform and deliver what is expected.


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