A Determinant Of Healthy Ageing Women Education In Saudi Arabia

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Nadia Yusuf
Laila Al-sharqi
Farah Durrani


Ageing, Economic, Education, Expenditure, Population, Women


An increase in the number of elderly people has major implications for society, affecting such areas as health and social services and public spending. The economic effects of an ageing population are considerable. Older people have more savings than younger people, but spend less on consumer goods. The rise in ageing populations will also increase some categories of expenditure, like health care, whose cost is likely to increase dramatically as the population ages. Saudi Arabians, while relatively enthusiastic about saving in general, see retirement as a less important incentive to save and have reduced retirement savings as a result of the current economic downturn. At the same time, life expectancy will be higher and birth rate will decline because of the increase of education levels. People's concepts of birth and health care will be improved under the function of education. Education is the single most important indicator of the socioeconomic status of an individual, which affects almost all aspects of human life, including demographic health behavior. Change of the increase of population ageing that is caused by the change of the relative number of independent variables, such as education, is more of a concern.


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