Published: 2010-08-01


The Accuracy Of The Annual Financial Report Data: An Empirical Analysis Of GCC Firms

Musa Darayseh, Ismail Gence, Bassam Abu Al-Foul, Wissam Abdallah
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 112 | DOI

Comprehensive Income Options: A Detriment To Transparency

Brian D. Fitzpatrick, Sudhakar S. Raju, Anthony L. Tocco
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 145 | DOI

The Analysis Of The Rural Credit Market In Ghana

George Owusu-Antwi, James Antwi
Abstract 368 | PDF Downloads 405 | DOI

Internal Controls For The Revenue Cycle: A Checklist For The Consumer Products Industry

Tim Heinze, Tim Kizirian, John (Skip) Lees, Kent Sandoe
Abstract 618 | PDF Downloads 5828 | DOI

Competencies For Human Resource Development Practitioners

Barney Erasmus, Vadm Pieter Loedolff, Mr Filip Hammann
Abstract 289 | PDF Downloads 343 | DOI

The Perceived Country Of Origin Images In Turkey

Mehmet Tigli, Serdar Pirtini, Y. Can Erdem
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 256 | DOI

The Impact Of Education On Economic Growth: The Case Of Mauritius

Mohun P. Odit, K. Dookhan, S. Fauzel
Abstract 408 | PDF Downloads 3546 | DOI