Published: 2013-01-31


Comparison Of Fisheries Sectors Of Japan And Turkey In Production And Trade Opportunities

Mahmut Munir Guzel, Kazuhiko Kameda, Naotoshi Yamamoto
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 184 | DOI

Page 139-150

Empirical Evidence Of Verdoorns Law In Mexican Manufacturing

Lourdes Alicia Gonzalez Torres, Manuel Alejandro Ibarra Cisneros, Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernandez, Karla Emilia Cervantes Collado
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 234 | DOI

Page 205-212

On the Pricing Of Chinese Stocks

Eric Girard, James Nolan, Fang Zhao
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Page 213-222

Why The SEC Is Delaying Adoption Of International Financial Reporting Standards

Clemense Ehoff Jr., Dov Fischer
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 167 | DOI

Page 223-228

The Impact Of The Arab Spring On Americas Energy Future

Walid Al Shunnaq
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 149 | DOI

Page 253-256