Published: 2013-08-30


Danger Zones Dead Ahead For The U.S. And China: Prospects And Challenges

Linnea B. McCord, Terry Young, Peggy J. Crawford
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 94 | DOI

Page 1013-1020

The Message Conveyed By IFRS-Compliant Information: A South African Perspective

Pieter van der Zwan, Nico van der Merwe
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 125 | DOI

Page 1041-1060

Internets Influence On The Marketing Activities Of South African Companies

Kirsty-Lee Sharp, Ayesha Lian Bevan-Dye, Natasha de Klerk
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 122 | DOI

Page 1077-1086

Moral Behaviour And Ethical Misconduct In Nigerian Small Businesses

Johannes A. Wiid, Michael C. Cant, Claudette van Niekerk
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 1742 | DOI

Page 1087-1100

The Relationship Between Stock Market Development And The Opacity Index

John Kamiru, Carl B. McGowan, Jr.
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Page 1131-1136