Published: 2012-10-26


Properties Of Management Forecast And Analysts' Responsiveness

Yura Kim, Kyunbeom Jeong
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 71 | DOI

Page 1107-1126

The Sarbanes Oxley Acts Contribution To Curtailing Corporate Bribery

Karen T. Cascini, Alan DelFavero, Mario Mililli
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 95 | DOI

Page 1127-1142

Internal Capital Markets And Equity Restructuring

Anwar Boumosleh, Abdallah Dah, Mustafa Dah
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 66 | DOI

Page 1171-1182

What Determines The Duration Of Bank-Enterprise Relationships For Tunisian Firms?

Helmi HAMDI, Abdelaziz HAKIMI, Mouldi DJELASSI
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 71 | DOI

Page 1183-1192

Market Reaction To Changes In Dividend Payments Policy In Jordan

Wasim K. Al-Shattarat, Jamal A. Al-Khasawneh, Husni K. Al-Shattarat
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 18 | DOI

Page 1193-1210

The Economic Efficacy Of Banking Mergers: 2006-2008

Rachel Vitale, Judith A. Laux
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 29 | DOI

Page 1211-1216

Volatility Spillovers: Evidence On U.S. Oil Product Markets

Bernard Ben Sita, Salah Abosedra
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 68 | DOI

Page 1237-1242

Giving Patterns By Religious And Non-Religions People

Walter O. Simmons, Rosemarie Emanuele
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 85 | DOI

Page 1243-1252

Nonlinearities In Stock Return Prediction: Evidence From South Africa

Kathleen Hodnett, Heng-Hsing Hsieh, Paul van Rensburg
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 30 | DOI

Page 1253-1274

Financial Crisis During 2007 And 2008: Efficient Markets Or Human Behavior?

Mary McCarthy, Paul Solomon, Paul Mihalek
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 0 | DOI

Page 1275-1282

IT Impacts On Performance Of Service Firms Through Operation-Level Dynamic Capability

One-Ki (Daniel) Lee, Peng Xu, Jean-Pierre Kuilboer, Noushin Ashrafi
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 97 | DOI

Page 1283-1294

Cultural Value And Travel Motivation Of European Tourists

Acheraporn Plangmarn, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Mohamed Pirani
Abstract 259 | PDF Downloads 120 | DOI

Page 1295-1304

When Do Organizations Behave Opportunistically? The Effects Of Collectivistic Organizational Culture

Sungmin Ryu, Woojung Jang, Jukyung Lee, Jong Eun Lee
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 159 | DOI

Page 1305-1314

Predicting Auditor Changes With Financial Distress Variables: Discriminant Analysis And Problems With Data Mining Approaches

Susan Eldridge, Wikil Kwak, Roopa Venkatesh, Yong Shi, Gang Kou
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 91 | DOI

Page 1357-1372

Managers Segment Financial Reporting Choice: An Analysis Of Firms Segment Reconciliations

Elio Alfonso, Dana Hollie, Shaokun Carol Yu
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 86 | DOI

Page 1413-1444

Financial Reporting Impact Of The Operating Lease Classification

John Kostolansky, Dora Altschuler, Brian B. Stanko
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 759 | DOI

Page 1509-1514