Published: 2014-04-24


Testing Weak-Form Market Efficiency On The TSX

Ilona Shiller, Ishmael Radikoko
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 50 | DOI

Page 647-658

Firm Performance And Emerging Economies

Ramiz Ur Rehman, Junrui Zhang, Rizwan Ali
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 38 | DOI

Page 701-714

Contributions Of Talented People To Knowledge Management

Laurent Scaringella, Rola Chami Malaeb
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 37 | DOI

Page 715-724

Healthcare RFID In Germany: An Integrated Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Perspective

Alina Chircu, Eldar Sultanow, Satya Prakash Saraswat
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 0 | DOI

Page 737-752

Does Strategic Alliance Matter In Managing Innovation In China?

Li (Isabella) Liu, Sajjad M. Jasimuddin, David Faulkner
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 73 | DOI

Page 793-806

Audit Fees In Family Firms: Evidence From U.S. Listed Companies

Chiraz Ben Ali, Cedric Lesage
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 50 | DOI

Page 807-816

Contrarian Technical Trading Rules: Evidence From Nairobi Stock Index

Massoud Metghalchi, John Kagochi, Linda A. Hayes
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 45 | DOI

Page 833-846

Can The Business Model Of Handelsbanken Be An Archetype For Small And Medium Sized Banks? A Comparative Case Study

Morten Kousgaard Larsen, Jacob Lange Nissen, Rainer Lueg, Christian Schmaltz, Joachim Rojkjaer Thorhauge
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 46 | DOI

Page 869-882