The Long Term Affects Of Data Management On The Economic Welfare Of A City Government

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Donald A. Forrer


Betterment fees, Flowcharting, Processes, Data management, City government


This research examines management processes that lead to the omission of $2.3 million in betterment fees in the City of Cape Coral (City). It concentrates on management processes, data problems, and personnel issues that contributed and resulted in developing properties completing the Planned Development Process (PDP) without checks from critical areas in the financial system. This research analyzes how betterment fees, often called Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC), were designed, collected, and managed. This case study also outlines key measurement processes neglected by the City and demonstrates how management corrected the issue of lost revenue through errant billing by analysis and reengineering of the system. Despite hours of public debate and input from concerned citizens, this issue has continued for approximately 10 years. A 2004 betterment list is substantially increased and contains some properties listed on the original 1996 list. The issue is still as controversial as ever and efforts to address it seem to be ignored or minimized.


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