Innovative Activity And Change Tendencies Of Some Of Polish Industry's Economic Indicators

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Adam Mazurkiewicz
Jerzy Dobrodziej
Rozalia Sitkowska



The article discusses innovation in Polish industry in light of OECD indicators and the authors' own study. The problem of innovation in Polish industry is presented from the point of view of the following topics: adjusting Polish industry's structures to the requirements of knowledge-based global industry; raising the efficiency of some industry sectors as a result of an improved transfer of innovative achievements, the concentration of capital available, especially that obtained from the EU Structural Funds and offset deal, on the investments conducive to the economy's growth by means of implementing innovative solutions.


The article presents the results of analyses of the economic indicators in some industry sectors in Poland based on innovative activity. In line with the Classification of Products by Activity in the European Union (CPA), the following sectors have been highlighted: the Sector of Consumer Goods Production, the Sector of Delivery Goods, the Sector of Investment Goods (the main vehicle of technological progress for Polish industry).


Based on the results of the analysis, change tendencies have been identified for economic indicators as enabled by innovative potential. Prognostic models for economic indicators have been proposed that help estimate the influence of innovative potential on the growth of Polish industry. An example has been presented for applying the prognostic model using an Artificial Intelligence Method.


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