Published: 2007-04-01


Tight Money And Loose Credit In An Open Economy

Michael Cosgrove, Daniel Marsh
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 105 | DOI

A Monopoly Model Of Accounting Fraud

Laura Ebert, Margaret L. Gagne
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 254 | DOI

Engagement Risk: Perceptions And Strategies From Audit Partners

Jack R. Ethridge, Treba Marsh, Bonnie Revelt
Abstract 293 | PDF Downloads 2499 | DOI

Do Under-Managed Portfolios Outperform Over-Managed Portfolios?

Hamid Z. Ahmadi, Janna Khoroujik, Rafiqul B. Rafiq
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 109 | DOI

Bringing Products To Market: Supply Chains Vs. Value Webs

Reginald M. Beal, Hudson Nwakanma
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 323 | DOI