Published: 2010-01-01


Long-Run Underperformance And The Offering Price Clustering Phenomenon

Kevin C.H. Chiang, Harikumar Sankaran, Xiyu (Thomas) Zhou
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 54 | DOI

The Impact Of Organizational Change On Information Systems Security

Melinda Cline, Carl S. Guynes, Andrew Nyaboga
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 76 | DOI

GMAC: Is Half A Loaf Better Than The Whole?

J. Richard Anderson, Cristina Muise, David Gancarz
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 71 | DOI

Maintaining The Integrity Of Turnover Measurements When There Are Layoffs

Theodore Mitchell, James I. Schaap, Mary Groves
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 61 | DOI

Managing Workplace Ethics Can Generate Competitive Advantage

J. Michael Alford, Mark A. Bebensee
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 203 | DOI

Putting Bling In The Classroom

Nicole Stegemann, Catherine Sutton-Brady
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 67 | DOI

Stress Test For The Financial Optimization Models During The 2009 Recession

Hamid Ahmadi, James A. Kuhle, Sanjay Varshney
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 54 | DOI

Investment Strategies For Tax Diversification: Dont Put All Your Eggs In One Tax Basket

J. David Ashby, Darla G. Williams, Terrye A. Stinson
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 71 | DOI