Published: 2010-05-01


A Comprehensive Student-Based Analysis Of Hybrid Courses: Student Preferences And Design Criteria For Success

Joseph B. Mosca, Daniel R. Ball, John S. Buzza, David P. Paul, III
Abstract 8092 | PDF Downloads 155 | DOI

The Bottom Of The Pyramid: Key Roles For Businesses

Mohsin Habib, Leon Zurawicki
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 178 | DOI

Some Evidence On The Secondary Market Trading Of Syndicated Loans

Peter J. Nigro, Jonathan D. Jones, Murat Aydogdu
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 618 | DOI

Quantification, Rationality, And Management Decisions

John Mankelwicz, Robert Kitahara
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 411 | DOI

Tolerance Of Intellectual Property Theft

Robert B. Settle, Kirsten A. Passyn, Memo Diriker, Gerard R. DiBartolo
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 128 | DOI

Determinants Of Risk Tolerance In The Baby Boomer Cohort

John E. Gilliam, Swarn Chatterjee, Dandan Zhu
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 284 | DOI

The Political Economy Of American Indian Allotment Revisited

Mathew T. Gregg, D. Mitchell Cooper
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 100 | DOI

Not-For-Profit Organizations And For-Profit Businesses: Perceptions And Reality

Samuel H. Tolbert, Gail D. Moore, Carol P. Wood
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 97 | DOI