The New Age Of Cybersecurity Privacy, Criminal Procedure And Cyber Corporate Ethics

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Paul J. Morrow


Cybersecurity; Criminal Procedure; Searches and Seizures; Probable Cause; Cell Phones; Data Breaches; Corporate Policy; Social Media


This paper reviews cybersecurity and the new criminal procedure standards of searches and seizures based on the perspectives of probable cause in the digital age involving cell phones. Also, this paper examines the civil corporate policy perspectives involving data breaches as the topic relates to the consumer using social media and provides guidance for executives to enact proper and responsible corporate policies navigating the new cybersecurity landscape in the post - Carpenter vs. U.S. era.

Reading this paper is worth your time because: (1) you will learn the new cybercrimes legal standards involved with cyber-privacy and the criminal process which is necessary to develop director competencies; (2) you will gain knowledge which is the key to proposing ethical systems within the corporation required by law; (3) moving forward, we are at a critical point in America and good guidance is vitally important.


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