Journal of Diversity Management (JDM) <p><strong>Published since 2006</strong><br>ISSN 1558-0121 (print), ISSN 2157-9512 (online)<br>The Journal of Diversity Management (JDM) welcomes manuscripts from authors in academics, business, and government concerning all types of diversity management issues.</p> Clute Institute en-US Journal of Diversity Management (JDM) 1558-0121 Employing Postcolonial Theory As A Framework For Creating A More Inclusive Workplace <p>The business case for diversity rhetoric is commonplace in 2019, suggesting a profit for ensuring equal opportunity in the workplace. Organizations across a multitude of industries as well as academia have invested incredible resources to develop this concept. This article reviews postcolonial theory from multiple perspectives and uses postcolonial theory themes as a framework to explore the reasons why inclusion and diversity business strategies and programs are not seeing the progress originally anticipated. Considering the use of the social justice discourse, themes of postcolonial theory, and humanistic leadership practices, suggestions and recommendations for creating a more inclusive workplace are outlined. Postcolonial Theory</p> Mia Amato Caliendo Copyright (c) 2021 2020-06-01 2020-06-01 15 1 1 12