Mexican Nuclear Energy: An Opportunity Or A Threat?

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Flory Anette Dieck-Assad


Nuclear Energy, Clean Energies, Nuclear Fission, Laguna Verde, Energy In Mexico


On September of 2010, before presenting her report to the Honorable Mexican Congress, the Secretary of Energy, Georgina Kessel, confronted her inner confusion as she was browsing the report of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) dated on May 18, 1982, where this company states that because of lack of financial resources, they postponed until further notice the decision of buying a second electricity-generating nuclear plant in Mexico. In that report, they state that the fabulous nuclear-electric program was totally suspended. What were the causes of this historical decision that marked a notable lag in the technological development of the nuclear sector in Mexico?; Could electricity produced through the use of nuclear energy in Mexico be revived as an alternative of clean energy after 28 years of darkness?


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