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Ihssan Alkadi
Ghassan Alkadi


biometrics, identity theft


People can change the way they look by changing their hair color, hair style, eye color, and even general appearance now-a-days with the advancement of technology. Because of plastic surgery, people can completely change their appearance to where no one would recognize them. It is also easy for people to steal others identities with the improvement of technology. For some people, it is hard to keep up with credit cards and passwords and other identity-safe substances. The development of biometrics would solve all of these problems. You can change the way you look but you cannot change the structure of your body. In the world today there are many ways to gain access to someones identity. Through the use of biometrics, such as fingerprinting, facial recognition and retinal scanning, identity fraud can be reduced and hopefully one day stopped. The information technology age today that we are all accustomed to is an ever changing scene. New means of quicker, more reliable, and more versatile applications are appearing so fast that they become obsolete not long after they hit the market. Biometrics involved in applications is the one exception. It offers security, reliability, convenience, identification, and verification to the market where the various amounts of information in networks, and security operations that have to be protected. In a quickly growing global economy, fraudulent claims grow at equal pace and the technology is here to prevent it. However, with growing technology comes, concerns to be addressed.


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