Published: 2011-09-28


Evolution Of Fair Business Performance As A Tool Of Marketing In Spain

Maria Cordente-Rodriguez, Juan-Antonio Mondejar-Jimenez, Juan-Carlos Gazquez-Abad
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 215 | DOI

Page 1-10

Is The Food Industry Taking A Proactive Stance On Environmental Issues? Results From An Empirical Analysis

Maria del Val Segarra-Ona, Luis Miret-Pastor, Angel Peiro-Signes
Abstract 241 | PDF Downloads 293 | DOI

Page 11-16

25 Years Of Science Parks In Spain: Towards A New Model Of Development

Ricardo Martinez-Canas, Pablo Ruiz-Palomino
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 208 | DOI

Page 17-24

The Effects Of The Distribution Of Agricultural Direct Payments

Jose Luis Alfaro-Navarro, Jose Mondejar-Jimenez, Manuel Vargas-Vargas, Juan Carlos Gazquez-Abad, Jose Felipe Jimenez- Guerrero
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 270 | DOI

Page 25-30

Rankings In The Euro Zone Based On Macroeconomic Information

Ma Carmen Garcia-Centeno, Jorge Uxo, Roman Minguez
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 193 | DOI

Page 31-40

Do You Have Social Profile? Users And Non-Users Of Social Networking Sites In The Web 2.0

Carlota Lorenzo-Romero, Maria-del-Carmen Alarcon-del-Amo, Miguel-Angel Gomez-Borja
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 271 | DOI

Page 41-50

Yield Management As A Pricing Mechanism

Maria-Encarnacion Andres Martinez, Miguel-Angel Gomez Borja, Juan-Antonio Mondejar Jimenez
Abstract 307 | PDF Downloads 358 | DOI

Page 51-60

A Review Of The Literature On Eco-Design In Manufacturing Industry: Are The Institutions Focusing On The Key Aspects?

Maria del Val Segarra-Ona, Maria De-Miguel-Molina, Ana Paya-Martinez
Abstract 392 | PDF Downloads 342 | DOI

Page 61-68

Sustainable Forest Management In Castilla-La Mancha And Spain

Jose Antonio Moreno Molina
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 222 | DOI

Page 91-94

Dation In Payment Of The Mortgaged Homestead

Pilar Dominguez-Martinez
Abstract 160 | PDF Downloads 226 | DOI

Page 101-104

Tourism In European Union Law

Antonio Villanueva-Cuevas
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 240 | DOI

Page 105-112