Strengthening College Support Services To Improve Student Transitioning To Careers

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William W. Arnold


College Career Services; Student Transitioning to Careers; College to Employment; College to Career Transitioning; Student Career Services; College Graduate First Destinations


The article reviews challenges facing colleges including the need for actions to address new circumstances of educating college students and preparing them for productive roles following graduation. These challenges are balanced by resources colleges are developing to facilitate college-to-career transitioning to first destinations following graduation. In a review of support services offered by colleges the article identifies innovative programs that show potential for improved career support for students. Sources, including surveys of students and employers, published writing by leaders in education, and reported data from colleges, provide a present view of career support functions and suggest patterns of evolution. Colleges are strengthening their support to student’s department by department, but programs and activities across-departments need to be integrated to improve services for students. Leveraging synergies among campus support functions improves services to students. The use of student support case managers may eliminate the silos among college support functions. Designing programs around students and bridging gaps among support services can deliver more relevant and timely results. The article introduces the voices of students expressed in an upper division business course Management Theory and Practice. The actual words of students were acquired as byproducts of class assignments and course evaluations. Collecting these indirectly rather that as the focal point of student input lends a candid perspective. The comments interject both students’ requests for assistance and their appreciation for the support they received.


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