Developing A Personal Financial Planning Program: More Than Just Courses

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Charles L. Martin Jr.



Personal financial planning is considered one of the major growth professions of the coming decade.  Besides providing an opportunity for employment, a major in personal financial planning can open the door to a rewarding and challenging career.  Career opportunities in the personal financial planning field include opening a private practice or being employed by a financial institution, credit union, insurance company, accounting firm or a financial services company.  In addition, planners may work in employee benefits or pension departments of large corporations or for public institutions such as universities or state and federal government agencies.  In order to develop a successful personal financial planning program, one must consider more than just the courses to be offered.  A successful program also requires: Gaining Program Support, Attracting Students, Pivotal First Course, Professional Community Involvement, and Continuous Assessment.  It is the objective of this manuscript to set forth an action plan that may serve as a model for the development of a successful financial planning program.  


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