Published: 2005-01-01


Education Without Boundaries: Faculty Training And Support

Jane Whitney Gibson, Charles W. Blackwell
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 62 | DOI

Improving The Oral Presentation Skills Of Accounting Students: An Experiment

David Christensen, Jeffrey Barnes, David Rees, Gerald Calvasina
Abstract 247 | PDF Downloads 210 | DOI

An Inclusive Guide To Assessing Web Site Effectiveness

Janna B. Arney, Paul J. Lazarony
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 65 | DOI

Case Study: Structured Settlements

Sheldon Epstein, Bernard Dickman, Yonah Wilamowsky
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 56 | DOI

Administrative Growth At The University: A Case Study

Leon B. Hoshower, David Kirch
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 67 | DOI

Dallas Ice Corporation And Its Premium Beverage Ice Product

Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, Mary Anne Milward
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 135 | DOI

The Lillie Mae: A Capital Investment Project In Riverboat Restoration

Colene L. Coldwell, Charles J. Delaney, John T. Rose
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 62 | DOI