Published: 2009-05-01


Characteristics Of Accounting Faculty In The U.S.

Ravindra R. Kamath, Heidi Hylton Meier, Edward G. Thomas
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 100 | DOI

Page 1-8

Mission Possible

Jane Hass Philbrick, Reginald Leseane, Barbara D. Bart, William Dowling
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 89 | DOI

Page 9-12

Ethics And Retail Management Professionals: An Examination Of Age, Education, And Experience Variables

Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Frank J. Cavico, Timothy O. McCartney, Peter T. DiPaolo
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 240 | DOI

Page 13-26

Adding Value To The First-Year Experience: Embedding Self And Major Exploration In The College Of Business Curriculum

Joanne K. Damminger, Gregory C. Potter, Robert E. Pritchard
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 149 | DOI

Page 49-56

An Examination Of Kolb's Learning Style Inventory

Doreen J. Gooden, Robert C. Preziosi, F. Barry Barnes
Abstract 368 | PDF Downloads 256 | DOI

Page 57-62

Thermodynamic Laws Applied To Economic Systems

José Villacís González
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 125 | DOI

Page 83-86