Published: 2010-02-01


A Spreadsheet Simulation Of The Monty Hall Problem

Mike C. Patterson, Bob Harmel, Dan Friesen
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 65 | DOI

Page 1-24

Starledger: A Business Activity Model Using SAP R/3 As A Classroom Tool To Measure Learning Outcomes

Joseph M. Ragan, Zachary B. Leahan, Robert G. Malonoski, Christopher J. Savino
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 110 | DOI

Page 43-56

Learning Through Equity Trading Simulation

Timothy Moffit, Charles Stull, Hannah McKinney
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 348 | DOI

Page 65-74

The Evolution Of Employment-At-Will: Past, Present, And Future Predictions

Jane Whitney Gibson, Lester Lindley
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 75 | DOI

Page 89-100

Research Productivity Of Accounting Faculty: An Exploratory Study

Yining Chen, Mary R. Nixon, Ashok Gupta, Leon Hoshower
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 574 | DOI

Page 101-115

Experiential Learning: A Definitive Edge In The Job Market

James Clark, Gayle Webb White
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 188 | DOI

Page 115-118

Online And Paper Course Evaluations

Faruk Guder, Mary Malliaris
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 73 | DOI

Page 131-138