Published: 2015-04-01


Faculty Perceptions Of Online Accounting Coursework

Amanda M. Grossman, Leigh R. Johnson
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 161 | DOI

Page 95-106

An Overview Of Fiduciary Standards And Suitability For Financial Planning Students

James T. Chong, Penelope R. Jennings, G. Michael Phillips
Abstract 368 | PDF Downloads 139 | DOI

Page 107-110

Adrift In Auditing Class

Annhenrie Campbell, Steven Filling, Tim Firch, David H. Lindsay
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 113 | DOI

Page 111-120

Business Student Attitudes, Experience, And Satisfaction With Online Courses

Ann Kuzma, John Kuzma, Harold Thiewes
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 154 | DOI

Page 121-130

Forming Student Online Teams For Maximum Performance

Joel D. Olson, Darlene G. Ringhand, Ray C. Kalinski Kalinski, James G. Ziegler
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 161 | DOI

Page 139-160

Innovation In Business Education: Developing A High Quality Online MBA

C. William Roe, Alfred G. Toma, RamMohan R. Yallapragada
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 255 | DOI

Page 169-176