The Higher The Quality Of Teaching The Higher The Quality Of Education

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Naveed Sultana
Muhammad Imran Yousuf
Muhammad Naseer Ud Din
Sajid Rehman



The higher education plays as leadership role in the system of education. Quality education can ensure security, welfare and prosperity of a nation. The key factors influencing the quality of higher education is the quality of faculty, curriculum standards, technological infrastructure available, research environment, accreditation regime, administrative policies, financing, evaluation and good governance. The main objectives of the study were (1) To evaluate the indicators of good teaching. (2) To examine the institutional policies for valuing the teaching. (3) To examine the contribution of teaching towards professional development of teachers. (4) To find out institutional efforts for enhancing the professional development of teachers. For study purposes five federal universities of Islamabad were taken and their faculties were included in the population. Twenty teachers of each university were taken as the sample of the study. This sample was selected with the help of the students from each department. As students are considered tougher evaluators of the teachers so the selection of the good teachers was completed on the basis of the five common competencies such as competencies related to subject and subject area teaching, competencies related to teaching and learning, competencies in research work and competencies related to professional behaviour .This survey type study was conducted through a questionnaire. The study concluded that good teaching does not pay any benefit to teachers except self-satisfaction and also finding that the requirements for quality teaching are not available in universities. The present study recommends the higher quality of teaching may be ranked and recognized at local, national and international level.


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