Published: 2009-07-01


The University Immune System: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Ann Gilley, Marisha Godek, Jerry W. Gilley
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 133 | DOI

Page 1-6

Interactive Technology In The Classroom: An Exploratory Look At Its Use And Effectiveness

Jacqueline K. Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, Kevin L. Eastman
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 90 | DOI

Page 31-38

Maximizing Indigenous Student Learning In The Mainstream With Language And Culture

John W. Schwieter, J. Luis Jaimes-Dominguez
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 105 | DOI

Page 39-46

Web Conferencing As Classroom: A New Opportunity In Distance Learning

Robert Klonoski, Rebecca Combs
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 72 | DOI

Page 47-52

The Higher The Quality Of Teaching The Higher The Quality Of Education

Naveed Sultana, Muhammad Imran Yousuf, Muhammad Naseer Ud Din, Sajid Rehman
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 81 | DOI

Page 59-64