Published: 2007-07-01


Network Interns Volunteer Support After Katrina

B. Wayne Walters
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 213 | DOI

Page 1-4

Managing The Evolution Of A Revolution: Marketing Implications Of Internet Media Usage Among College Students

Connie Browning Budden, Janet Foster Anthony, Michael C. Budden, Michael A. Jones
Abstract 4076 | PDF Downloads 3432 | DOI

Page 5-10

Training Faculty To Use Technology In The Classroom

Robert C. Zelin II, Jane E. Baird
Abstract 201 | PDF Downloads 1434 | DOI

Page 41-48

Accreditation And Assessment: A Provocative Approach

John G. Kooti, Dawn Valentine, Randall Valentine
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 203 | DOI

Page 49-54