Development Of Sustainable Tourism Industry Along Chaophraya River

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Supada Sirikudta
Paiboon Archarungroj
Sirivan Serirat
Nuk Gulid


Development, Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Industry, Expectation and Perception, Pull Motivation, Push Motivation, Satisfaction, Behavior, Behavioral trend, Chaophraya River


The purpose of this research is to present marketing mix strategies plans in the development of sustainable tourism industry along Chaophraya River.  The samples are 200 thai tourists and 200 foreign tourists who travel along Chaophraya River in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Ayutthaya in Thailand.  This results reveal that the operators should plan their marketing strategies, focusing on distribution channels, promotion and quality of service, so that the Thai and foreign tourists could perceive more than their expectation which would lead to satisfaction. For Thai tourists to revisit in the future operators must consider perception variable in terms of personnel; and push factors in terms of seeking for escape and relaxation, which together had 13.7% influence. For foreign tourists, operators must consider perception variable in term of personnel, push factors in terms of seeking for different lifestyle and entertainment and pull factor in term of environment quality, which together had 18.1% influence. Moreover the operators should increase the sustainable tourism such as preserving and public relation of natural environment and have local tourist guide.


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