Reintermediation Strategies For Disintermediated Travel Agencies: A Strategic Marketing Perspective

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Kim Viljoen
Mornay Roberts-Lombard
Chris Jooste


Disintermediation, Reintermediation, Customer Retention, Marketing Strategies, Travel Agents


The evolution and advancement of the Internet has disintermediated many 20th century businesses, in particular traditional travel agencies. Reintermediation strategies for travel agents that result in additional value being delivered to customers need to be sought with the ultimate objective of retaining customers. The research on which this article is based was concerned with the apparent gap in existing research on this topic. Focus group discussions were held and an online survey was conducted with South African travel agents. Eight proposed reintermediation factors were tested for relationship significance to reintermediation and ultimately customer retention. The eight factors consisted of personal interaction, differentiated product, low service fees, product knowledge, high-quality service, coexisting with technology, targeting the leisure segment, and lastly targeting the corporate segment. Five factors proved to be valid reintermediation and customer retention indicators, with personal interaction being the most important and low service fees the least important. Marketing strategies for the purposes of reintermediation and customer retention related to these findings were recommended.


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