The Transfer Of Learning: Exploration Of Benefits And Perspectives In The State Of Kuwait

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Abdullah AlSagheer


transfer of learning, human training, international management, technological variations


The purpose of this paper is to explore the various benefits and effectiveness of transfer of learning theory in different cultures and environments, particularly in Kuwait. Transfer of learning remains a crucial ingredient in human training and international management because it is a core concept in learning and is related both to the process and the outcome. However, the differences that one can observe in different countries, especially in Kuwait, which include culture, language, gender, and technological variations, affect this transfer of learning. Similarly, the exploration of the concept of transfer of learning also varies; the differences in interpretation and application of transfer of learning theories remain complex and tangible among educators, managers, trainers, and learners. This paper addresses the core issues of the observed differences in Kuwait and highlights the variations that are needed in this State to impart to educators, managers, and trainers a clear understanding of the needs of individual learners, employees, and trainees.


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