Misguided Organizational Change Initiatives And How It Promotes A Destructive Work Environment

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Orlando Rivero


Public Administration, Public Service, Management, Leadership Organizational Development, Learning Organizations, Organizational Learning, Organizational Development Interventions, Organizational Change, Workforce Bullying, Policies And Procedures, Evalua


The purpose of this paper is to review recent trends as they relate toorganizational change and how these trends have affected the overall workenvironment. Over the years, UnitedStates corporations have successfully done well financially. However, due to downsizing initiatives andthe outsourcing of products and services to other countries in order to staycompetitive, United States firms have been forced to do more, but with lessresources. Bullying in the workplace hasbeen around for several years; however, employees are being pushed to do morefor less with unrealistic work expectations.Workforce bullying has become an epidemic of mass portions, which hasled to dysfunctional organizations and inappropriate behavior among employers/employees. At the end, recommendations will be made to promotepositive work environments while contributing to organizational changeinitiatives.


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