An Analysis Of The Temporal Evolution Of Agrarian Prices

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Maria-Encarnacion Andres-Martinez
Jose-Luis Alfaro-Navarro
Victor-Raul Lopez-Ruiz


agrarian prices, production cost, agrarian income


At the end of 2007 and principles of 2008 took place the greater nourishing crisis of the last decades. This crisis was caused by a spectacular increase in the prices of some agricultural raw materials and in the costs of the agrarian production. Since the end of 2008 the prices of the agricultural raw materials have decreased with similar intensity as when they raised. In the upward period, the increases of prices quickly were moved to the final consumer prices without great impact in the farmer’s income but when the prices decreased they do not allow seeing so fast in the final consumers prices. In this paper, we analyse the evolution of the agricultural activity results over the last years. In order to do so, we consider the prices of agricultural raw materials and products made with these, without forgetting the production costs. This study analyses the evolution of: the differential between the producer (farmer and stockman) prices and the prices charged for agrarian products to the final consumers and the differential between the producer price and the production cost.


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