Published: 2011-10-03


Cooperative Learning In Virtual Environments: The Jigsaw Method In Statistical Courses

Manuel Vargas-Vargas, Jose Mondejar-Jimenez, Maria-Letica Meseguer Santamaria, Jose-Luis Alfaro-Navarro, Gema Fernandez-Aviles
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 87 | DOI

Page 1-8

The Sociogram: The Analysis Of Interpersonal Relationships In Higher Education

Isabel-Maria Ferrandiz-Vindel, Berta Castejon Jimenez
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 90 | DOI

Page 9-14

Concept Mapping As A Learning Tool For The Employment Relations Degree

Ricardo Martinez-Canas, Pablo Ruiz-Palomino
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 64 | DOI

Page 23-28

Skill Development In Social Science Subjects: A Proposed Methodology

Juan-Antonio Mondejar-Jimenez, Maria Cordente-Rodriguez, Carlota Lorenzo-Romero, Jose Mondejar-Jimenez, Manuel Vargas-Vargas
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 64 | DOI

Page 33-40

Are Men And Women Different In European Higher Education Area?

Maria-Carmen Garcia, Gema Fernandez-Aviles
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 63 | DOI

Page 41-48