Establishing Benchmarks For Success In Golf Facilities

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Joseph M. Groch


Success In The Golf Industry, Golf Management, Benchmarks For Success


With a 17% reduction in golfers over the last decade and a 19% turnover rate among golf facility managers, the golf industry is in decline. The purpose of this study was to establish a more universal method of measuring success in the golf industry in Southwest Florida (SWFL) beyond traditional financial measures in order to improve organizational outcomes. The research defined organizational effectiveness from a multidimensional approach which included five pillars: financial, environmental, philanthropic, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. The research indicated that the three main drivers of organizational effectiveness in SWFL were: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and environmental responsibility. The implications of these finding could be significant to auditors searching for indicators of fraud, or managers looking for trends, or board of directors trying to assess the competency of the management team.


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