Published: 2012-03-27


A Value Stream Approach For Greening The IT Department

Mohammad Dadashzadeh Dadashzadeh, T.J. Wharton
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 140 | DOI

Page 125-136

An Operational Framework For Reverse Supply Chains

Rajesh Kumar Tyagi, K. Kathy Dhanda, Scott Young
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 84 | DOI

Page 137-150

Analysis Of Hofstedes 5-D Model: The Implications Of Conducting Business In Saudi Arabia

Macgorine A. Cassell, Rebecca J. Blake
Abstract 914 | PDF Downloads 2209 | DOI

Page 151-160

The Value Of Webcams For Virtual Teams

Joel Olson, Frank Appunn, Kimberly Walters, Lynn Grinnell, Chad McAllister
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 100 | DOI

Page 161-172

A Pattern Of Rural Tourism In The Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand

Prachyakorn Chaiyakot, Parichart Visuthismajarn
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 124 | DOI

Page 173-176

Project Crashing Using Excel Solver: A Simple AON Network Approach

Kunpeng Li, Bin Shao, Pamela Zelbst
Abstract 311 | PDF Downloads 334 | DOI

Page 177-182

Seeking Best Practices In The Balancing Act Between Data Security And Operational Effectiveness

Ellen D. Hoadley, Justin Deibel, Colleen Kistner, Pamela Rice, Sandeep Sokhey
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 128 | DOI

Page 183-188