The Value Of Webcams For Virtual Teams

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Joel Olson
Frank Appunn
Kimberly Walters
Lynn Grinnell
Chad McAllister


Virtual Teams, Distributed Teams, Webcam Teams, Video Teams


The latest low-cost technology solutions provide practical and reliable video options form standard personal computers using the Internet. By adding video to an established and geographically dispersed team process, this exploratory research tries to establish the experience of participants and perceived effectiveness of the team. Building on the literature, this qualitative research performs a content analysis design on a text transcription of weekly audio logs from participants. This approach analyzes the rich content of team members to discover the relevance of differing elements within trust, technology, and effectiveness find support. By understanding the influences of adding video to teams, leaders, and managers should be able to make informed decisions regarding the adoption of video for each participant. The attitude evolution regarding the use of technology over a period of six weeks provides further considerations for deployment.


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