So What If I Dont Have An iPhone? The Unintended Consequences Of Using Arrogance In Advertising

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Haakon T. Brown


Arrogance, Advertising, Effectiveness, Customer Acquisition, Brand Loyalty, Product Experience, Attitudes, iPhone


Although the effects of arrogance on relationships have been studied within the field of personality and social psychology, there is a lack of research on the effects of corporate arrogance on relationships with consumers. In the current research, the author examines the effect of corporate arrogance (operationalized through the use of arrogance in a commercial) on consumers attitudes toward the brand and on their purchase intentions toward the product. In one experiment the author demonstrates that the use of arrogance in commercials has opposite effects on attitudes depending on a consumers previous experience with the brand. Specifically, individuals who are current users of the advertised product display an increase in attitudes, while those who do not currently use the advertised product demonstrate a decrease. Interestingly, the use of arrogance in commercials has a main effect on consumers purchase intentions. Specifically, all consumers, regardless of their previous experience with the advertised product, exhibit lower purchase intentions toward said product. This work makes a significant contribution to the field as it suggests that companies need to be especially careful about utilizing arrogance in their advertising because it may generate the opposite effect than what was intended.


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