Can A Commercially Oriented Brand Be Authentic? A Preliminary Study Of The Effects Of A Pro-Business Attitude On Consumer-Based Brand Authenticity

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Stefano Pace


Authenticity, Brand, Attitude Toward Business, Consumer-Based Brand Authenticity, Marketing Consumer Behavior


The scholarly literature and general feeling support the idea that brands that are overly business-minded and commercially oriented are not authentic. Typically, consumers do not regard big corporations as authentic, due to the perception that corporations focus on making profit and their business-based mindset. In particular, consumers perceive commercially oriented brands are insincere. Sincerity is one of the three facets (quality commitment and heritage are the other two) that form consumer-based brand authenticity (Napoli, Dickinson, Beverland, & Farrelly, 2014). Contrary to that long-held assumption, this study suggests that consumers may perceive commercially oriented brands are sincere. A positive attitude toward business may increase the perceived brand sincerity. The results of this empirical research confirm the brand authenticity scale developed by Napoli et al. (2014) by showing the conditions under which commercially oriented brands may enter the group of sincere brands.


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